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Tax Consultancy

Apart from the preparation of annual financial statements and tax compliance for all types of taxes we also offer comprehensive structural consultancy.

We have experience in inheritance and gift tax returns as well as in international taxation. We thereby focus on the accurate and extensive but nonetheless rapid implementation of all fiscal law matters. We discuss the results of our inspections with you in detail, point out the opportunities and risks and advise you upon alternative courses of action.

Our services at a glance:

1. Tax Compliance

  • Tax returns
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Assisting in external fiscal audits
  • Filing of legal remedies
  • Advice on matters of international fiscal law

2. Tax Planning and Tax Structuring

  • Tax planning with a view to reducing the tax burden
  • Planning and implementation of entrepreneurial succession

3. Tax-optimised Legal and Business Management Consultancy

  • Negotiation and implementation of protocols and contracts
  • Choice of legal form, formation and dissolving of entities
  • Advice on restructuring programmes
  • Business management analyses
  • Asset planning
  • Creation of wills
  • Marriage contracts and succession agreements

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